Monday, August 1, 2011

Babies and Amusement Parks

My husband and I went to Cedar Point on Sunday and boy was it HOT!

As we walked around the park (sometimes searching for air conditioning, other times searching for a drinking fountain so we don't have to spend $3.50 for a bottle of water), I couldn't help but notice the enormous amount of families that had little babies with them. 

Obviously, David and I did not take Kendall.  My personal feeling is that an amusement park is no place for a child who cannot ride the rides or even understand and enjoy why they are there.  Now I understand that most of these families had more than one child old enough to ride, however, why couldn't you just arrange for a babysitter for the youngest??  The whole situation just baffles me - the adults can't enjoy the park since one of them has to constantly be with the children whether they are riding a ride or on top of that, the temp was about 90 degrees and the poor babies had to be roasting hot in their strollers.  These places are expensive and I'm the type of person who wants their monies worth if I'm spending that much and standing with a little one while the rest of the family rides just isn't my idea of a "fun time".....just saying.

Will I take Kendall to an amusement park in the future? - yes....when she is old enough to ride and enjoy herself. 

Will I take Kendall's future siblings? - yes....when they are old enough as well.  If they are not, then they stay with a sitter - it's that simple.

Other things that baffle me about amusement parks:
~The woman in the string bikini that is two sizes too small on a body that shouldn't be wearing a bikini....
~The 8-9 month along pregnant lady who was crazy enough to be there - first, you can't ride any rides - second, you've got to be miserable and wanting to be in air conditioning ASAP!
~The older folks who can no longer ride many of the rides due to health issues, etc. 
~Anyone in a wheelchair who looks like they cannot ride any rides.

Please someone tell me why you would spend the money to go if you can't enjoy yourself?!?!?!?


  1. So funny. You are so right about these groups of people being there, and it makes no sense! I can't stand rides. I have motion sickness, and just can't handle them. You want to torture me?...take me to the amusement park! I was just going through the new members on VoiceBoks, and wanted to say hello and welcome you:)

  2. K, just gotta put a word in for the opposite point of view. I've taken my babies to amusement parks lots of times starting at 9 months old and have had no regrets. My husband & I love amusement parks & go with other people, so we just do the "child swap" option if it's a Disney park or take turns who is riding if it's not. And if it's Disney, a 9 month old can ride a lot of rides anyway and ours have always loved looking at everything.