Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who needs it?

You find out that you are having a baby and you start to think about all the "things" that you need for a nursery.  One of the first things that we thought about was bedding and room color.  It took FOREVER to decide what bedding we wanted.  I was dead set on pink and brown polka dots and couldn't find anything that I really loved (or that David loved for that matter) so after a few weeks of finding nothing, we changed directions. 

Finally we drifted toward this pattern:
placed it on the baby registry and painted the room yellow.  Only one problem though......this bedding wasn't carried through Babies R Us in store, only online.  It was however carried at Baby Depot which I hoped friends and family would look there.

When my showers came and went and it got closer and closer to having a baby, I finally decided that there was no point in having all this "bedding" - it was just for show.  Kendall wouldn't care what her bedding or room looked like until she gets a say in what goes in her room (in a few years probably) so we got a plain color bumper and used the crib sheets that would go best with the yellow color in her room.  We found a great stick on tree for her wall and were given a wonderful piece of art to hang on the wall with Kendall's name.  The room is very plain but who cares....you don't need all the bells and whistles - your baby is only going to care about who is taking care of her and not about what her room looks like.  Save the heavy decorating for when they get older!
Here is what Kendall's room looks like now:                      

Here is the artwork that is up on the wall:


  1. I'll tell you, I agree with how you decided. The bedding is just for show and it will get dirty and not look like it does when it first comes home anyway.... the moment you wash it...it's done for. I am using organic cotton sheets for my little one and little etsy blankets and I am just as pleased as punch. My little ones don't seem to mind either!
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  2. I love the bedding but you're right, spend money on what she wants when she's older. Right now it doesn't matter as long as it's clean and comfortable :-)

  3. I agree! We bought a set with my son and realized it would never look like the picture, so we just bought the sheets that we liked when my daughter came along. They were really cute sheets and better than the set we had gotten for my son.

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  4. I think I have never really been able to get into the whole decorating thing due to money and then we had more and more kids and it really isn't possible to do it now. But yours looks great. Calling by via voiceBoks Sarah www.acceptingandembracingautism.com

  5. I think it looks adorable without the bedding! Although, it would look extra cute with a couple pieces from the set since they still coordinate with your colors (the pillow for your chair, the quilt hung on the wall, or the lamp on a table). Great job!

  6. So cute! Love the tree on the wall.

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