Thursday, July 28, 2011

Single Mom Week

Since it's taken me almost a week to post a blog, obviously something is up.....right?

Well there is - it's called "single mom week"!

My husband is off a band camp 2 hours away and it's just peanut and me all week long (well - till tomorrow around 4pm that is).

This is my second single mom week this summer - I don't know how single mom's do it - I love my daughter but damn.....I need a break!  Combine that with the fact that my "stay at home mom" status is three weeks away from being over....and with vacation coming up next weekend - my butt is "sweatin the oldies" at my un-airconditioned school getting a Kindergarten classroom set up.  Oh - did I mention that I taught 4th grade last year......good thing I taught K for a year several years ago and I kind of know what the heck is going on with 5 and 6 years olds.....

Highlights of Single Mom Week?  None....I miss my husband and Kendall misses Daddy.

Kudos to you Single Mom's out there - you are my hero!

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