Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who says you have to be "on time"?

Apparently my daughter decided that she did not want to show up on or before Monday October 4th so, as I would on any typical day, I got up, showered, and got myself ready for work followed by taking our usual weekly belly shot.

I greeted my fourth grade students that morning the same as I did every morning and many of them came in expecting not to see me, but Kendall had other ideas as to when she wanted to meet the rest of the world.

Tuesday came along and....nothing.  I went to work again and did my same old routine.  We had our Dr. appt that afternoon and picked our induction day.  We decided that Thursday would be the day that we would like to meet our daughter.  Once again....Kendall had her own agenda.

Thursday morning we went into the hospital bright and early, got ourselves checked in and got myself dressed and ready for baby.
My doctor came in at 8:15am and went ahead and broke my water.  Now let's just make this clear - I was dilated a big ole GOOSE EGG.  Zero, Zip, Nada!  Not dilated one darn bit.  We knew from then on that it was going to be a long ass day and Kendall's idea of being "on time" was to be LATE!


  1. Look at that belly!

    She liked it in there, mama!

  2. Just found you via link on voiceBoks. I love this post! I have two girls and both were LATE! My oldest was 10 days late after and induction and my youngest was 7 days late. If I ever want for a third I would just automatically add a week to the due date...maybe even 2 weeks so I could tell people I was early when the baby came a week late! lol

    Happily following now,