Monday, July 18, 2011

Too many washcloths???

My friend Amy said one time, "I've never seen someone with so many washcloths on her baby registry."  That person, of course, was me.  Being a new expectant mommy, I wasn't sure what to register for or even how many of something to register for.  Now Babies R Us is pretty good at leading you in the right direction but sometimes you just see something you like, and then another thing, and another, and just snowballs. 

So here is me with probably 5 or 6 different sets of washcloths on my registry.  Did I have any idea that I'd get 99% of  Did I have any idea that I would actually need (or use) them....nope.  Now when Kendall was still only getting bottles, I didn't need the washcloths at all and considered getting rid of several of them.  But now that she is eating more and more food, it's amazing how quickly I go through washcloths!!!  They have definately come in handy.  I have a specific set of washcloths (thick ones) that are used only for baths - and then I have the thinner ones that are specifically for wiping her month, hands, arms, feet, etc.  where ever food tends to fly during each meal.

So I fondly remember Amy laughing at me because of the enormous amount of washcloths I registered for and received at my baby showers - but I guess the joke might be on her since I'm using them quite often now!

And so - there you have it..........Mommy Tip #2:  Washcloths are a necessity - don't let anyone tell you that you have too many!


  1. I have 9000 baby washcloths. lol

  2. I'm so with you on the washcloth thing!!! My husband went a little nuts buying them with each new baby, and there were times I thought he was a tad obsessive, but I tell you, you really can't have enough. I too had the good ones for baths but I loved the cheapy thin ones for everything else!!! Great tip and one I had forgotten!!! Next time I go to a baby shower, I'm buying wash cloths!!!

  3. Yes, I'm with you as well!I go through TONS of washcloths! hahaha

    You've got a wonderful blog. I'm a new follower from VoiceBoks

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  5. I've awarded you the Blog On Fire award. Go here to find the post. :)

    Haha I didn't even notice Lindsay gave it to you as well!'s two?